Planet Talks: Last rock show in Ottawa

Howdy folks.

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing one of my fav local Ottawa bands play. Peaks, a punk rock trio, as all ways the delivered a solid , in-sync show.  I had hoped to see them one last time before I left as they have played twice while I was unable .

Bar Robo is an interesting venue. It is petite with a small capacity and tight noise limit. As it is just with in the gate in china town, but very close to homes the cut off time is 11pm. The stage though is worth it and all three bands nailed it. The first band was Groa willing. It has been a while since I have seen such an organic show. Chris and Ben made an interesting pair, they even brought a ram skull as a prop. Their music was very melodic with some metal screaming and lore. The Swift Brown Fox was my favorite, ( sorry Peaks, you guys are great obviously) a solo artist, he played an electric guitar and had a very unique sound that was purely good in delivery and lyric .

I am waiting to get my hands on Peaks album, stay tuned for it, they have had some bad luck with it but it should be out soon .

That’s all for now folks.


Planet Talks : Book launch and last few weeks in Ottawa

Morning folks,

It is exactly   fortnight before I leave . I am excited, a little nervous but not too stressed out. I have been having funky dreams of climbing stairs not sure how to get out, then going down stairs to out side where it is raining and all I have are mix matched flip flops….( I don’t get how people can wear those in the rain, I hate wet feet) anywho! my leaving date is fast approaching and I kinda want to go out with a bang.

SO! The Poe Show on the 26th will be open to all poe-ets, slamers, spoken worder, anybody and anyone who would like to share. We normally do quick rounds, one or two poems each then move on to another person so there is ample time to share. We are open to all ages, bilingual and LGTBQ friendly, there is no discrimination when words need to be said

I will be reading solely from my book and they go for ten.

Hope to see you there



Planet Talks : Internal Gods


Its Finally here! I Proudly present Internal Gods , my book of poetry. All art and poetry are done by me Danielle Blais, 2017. You can get a copy at Art House, or by me (message me if interested) for 10 dollars! (pr-esale before launch)

The next Poe show will be the 12th of August, and I will be doing a formal launch the 26th of August which will also be the last Poe show under me before I leave for school. But don’t worry the Poe show will be continuing under my friend  and regular at the Poe show Neal.


( Just a little glimpse inside )

Thats all for now,

Your favorite Poet






Planet Talks : Art things and Give away

Evening folks! So as many of you know I am leaving the province to go to another for school, in like a month…..its coming up super quick so! I am going to post just about every few days to week before I leave with Pictures of my art for give away. All pieces are created by me and  signed, some come in protective plastic, and are by donation, a loonie, a twoonie, what every you think, every cent goes to helping my move and I appreciate it all. So here is the first bunch, message me here or through Face-book if you would like a piece.

Planet Talks: Things and stuff


Evening Folks!

So like my self Planet Talks is growing, Planet Talks for a lack of better words is the place I post all things I am doing, like moving and school, to projects like The Poe Show( and others stay tuned for exciting news!) performances, ( I preformed at the Iliac and a friends comedy show, he lied and said there was “other acts” I was the only “other” but it went well, was super nervous at first but I took a moment and just powered through.) To articles and interviews I do. I thought Id just clear up what Planets talks was all about for you and me, also new business cards!

I have been writing a lot of poetry. Its been interesting since I have mostly written about moments in time or experiences with a twist on them, now I find my self writing about feelings, My first one is My name is Experience,

My name is experience

I have bruises and scars from my past like tattoos,

Permeant and colorful telling my story.


On my chest a heart shaped bruise,

From the boy who still loved another,

Ten months in.


Scars on my chin and jaw from surgery,

And a lost man who did not know what he wanted,

Thoughts of him still make my jaw ache.


I have a hole in my soul,

That she made when she left.

I no more understood her than she me.


Love to her was a self centered thing.

She birthed me, I owed her, by default loved her,



Funny, I thought it was the other way around.

Love is the hardest lesson to learn,

Love is everything you see,




A broken dichotomy of emotions to tainted by pain to be any where relevant


I hated you,

I loved you,

I even prayed for you, (something I hate more then you because then I am on my knees)

You did not own me I am an independent state that at anytime will revolt,

I am so tired of your games,

I am constantly doubting my self,

Like in the aftermath of Pandora’s box, was it good or was it bad, no one knows.

Anger is a rough raw mistress,

She likes to fester

Sometimes I feel like I could crush mountains with my bare hands

Cry seas into existence,

The sheer force and breath of my screams creating its own wind,

A tornado of emotion so intense that you feel finally nothing at all.

I feel nothing at all.

I don’t care anymore, but I will be noble

I would rather go down for being honorable then petty

Playing into her complex, such a tricky thing to get out of,

And yeah I am still angry,

I have imagined a thousand one ways to kill this pain, a million ways to hurt her as she did me, but I would not wish this even on my worst enemy.

She betrayed my soul.

And I have been told to put her to rest, begun to dig her grave only to find out that it was mine,

I can’t hold on to her anymore,

And no I don’t want to contact her, I want nothing to do with her,

But I wish her all the best, as a human being to another human being

Despite our blood connection.

For I must be grateful that my mother taught me one of the most gruesome lessons,

To love and to not be loved in return.


This next one was part longing part I know it is the end


I am worried

Longing is like an elastic band around your heart,

It gets wet then dry’s around your artery’s,

The only way is to cut it out.

And I want you in all senses of the word,

But want and need are two different things and I don’t need you right now.

You are sick, tired and brunt out like the darkness I found my self in when we first met,

I know time heals all wounds, but we have so little time before all this ends,

And I know we will meet again, embrace again, love again.

But in the mean time I will take to bleeding inwardly,

a knife didn’t work I had to dig it out with scissors.

I am worried,

By the infrequencies of our text messages and the post card that I sent you that keeps being returned to me.


These next three were done after a day of ease and fun, I wrote them at a Monday night writing evening at Art House Cafe, Its known as The Dojo, a free event and free flowing place, we write for about 20 then share if one wishes,.It is Hosted by my buddy Tzu, and it was really fun. It is on Monday nights from 5 to 8. The first one was less an emotion but a feeling in a soft moment. The second after an experience, the third, feeling overwhelmed yet underwhelmed at my progress with moving and such, but I am doing everything I can but also one thing at a time, just having fun .


I need a moment,

It involves you,

And hour, maybe two,

Nothing heavy,

Or too cold,

Just time to chill,

Not too much thought,

Or space between us,

Stop the clock

Take a breath,

And step into my bedroom.


Lift me up,

Like I am made of glass,

But strong like steel,

Only diamond can cut.




Back intricacies.


I like it rough.

You’ve been come calm under my touch.

Distant but not.

We play,

Keep in touch.


I am not lost,

Merely between your legs and the bed.



I have no plan,

Only an idea,

Days start with the best intentions.


I have to go back,

Crunch the numbers,

Happy distractions,

Take up so much time.


I don’t want to be alone tonight.

Reality is a dominating mistress,

Constantly at my back,

No pleasure in her kisses.

Adventure always leaves me high

But wanting.

Sometimes you have to let the bullets fly,

Sometimes adventure dies,

But curiosity made sure Schroders cat survived.


For Planet Talks this is D

Planet Talks : The Poe Show and Dans Universe



Howdy Folks!

Its been a while I know but tons has happened and I didn’t know how to word it all. My new mantra is to go with the flow, to let go of things no longer serving me and not to stress about shit, I’m bad-ass and it will be done. On that note I do have to mention I had a serious think about an opportunity I had in the art scene here. I opened my self up to it by doing The Poe Show, and the scene here is growing but it will be a lot of work, not that I’m not ready for work, But I had to decide on working to build something here, ( still learning amazing things no doubt) Or building myself, and I have been thinking about school and as I say leveling my self up for much longer before The Poe Show ever was a spark in my head.

The Dates for the July Poe shows are the 15th and 29th, if your unsure you can check , ( Under Poe Night )We are on a list of poe-try events in the city!

Keep tuned for more news, I have plans and projects!

So ! The Poe show is Back Saturday! I got some new poems, I hope you all have some too, or old ones, ones that turn you one or ones that make you think. I want to mention that entrance to The Poe Show is by Donation, I am trying to fund a move for school.

Keep tuned for more news, I have plans and projects!

Hope to see you there,

Your Faithful Neighborhood Poe-et



(A little word porn)



Giants in a sea of men.


We owe debts to darkness for giving it a bad name,

Its not blue its midnight,

Its not black its shadow,

I have walked wild roads,

2:30 in the morning,

fog so dense,

you can dip a hand into it,

Pulling it like taffy to taste its secrets.



Through the Passage of Eden,

I am surrounded by

Trees older than time,

That keep the secrets of the mother,

From prying eyes,

And creatures large and small,



I search for Adam

Through the foliage

I have his rib,

Will he take it back?


(Poems by Danielle Blais 2017)



This is message is Pudding approved!

Come one come all tomorrow at Art House Cafe! bring your friends, your kids, heck I even sent a letter to the Prime Minister so who knows!

We maybe even do a show on the big 150!  keep a look out for your friendly neighborhood Poe.

Hope to see you


Poe sho, The Poe show!



So this upcoming June 10th is the second Poe show, a place for poet and listener, so bring your friends, your kids, your lovers. Entrance will be by donation , a nickle , a dime, or quarter to your lovely poe host, as I am in need of funds to go to school!  So there will be 5 Poe shows this summer.

We start with a group poem and then go by the flow of the poets who wish to read or recite poetry.

*Note*  If you come in during the middle of a poet reciting PLEASE wait to the side patiently until they are finished  before fully entering and getting comfortable.

We will end the night with another group poem.

I am so! excited, I have some new works, and am so excited to listen to new works!

The Poe show will be the following June 10th, July 8th and 22nd, Aug 5th and 19th( the last)

All are at Art House cafe, 555 somerset street west, from six to nine.

Hope to see you all there!



Universe of D : School



So I had been thinking about giving school another chance . I went to Algonquin on and off for a year and a half, completed a one year diploma  in baking and pastry arts, graduated with honors. I tried out another program but it wasn’t the right fit. I had decided to apply to 4 schools,  in the province Guelph, Waterloo and York, and Dalhouise in Nova Scotia.

I thought I missed the deadline to apply but was emailed by one option , I applied and this fall I am going to fricking Dalhouise University, discovering a bacholar of arts.

So yesterday, in celebration I had Crafternoon with a few good friends and we created the day away, here is what came of it ( btw the cranes name is Frank)



Planet Talks: Peaks, always bleeding for their art.


This Peaks, an amazing punk rock trio from Ottawa, who put on a fantastic show. I was even able to catch Kase, a poppy rock band, and Vistas, a melodic trio that serenaded us.

This beast is Alex


They were four songs to the end of their set when he took a nasty tumble,slipped on his cord and hit the piano next to him,  it was metal. Luckily it was a just a deep gash,he did have to go get stitches but he is un-concussed and will be able to play tonight.


I got a bunch of great photos and despite the early end it was everything a rock show should be, their energy was electric they all meshed so well and I cant wait to see the play again.

Come out tonight If you didn’t last, 12 dollars at the door, they have some bad ass merchandise , hope to see you there!

For Planet Talks this is Danielle